Holistic Health Coach
Programs & Pricing


Initial Consultation - Free


  • Go over completed health history form and current dietary patterns

  • Discuss client’s fears or concerns, current health issues, emotional problems, and future goals

  • Layout the 3-month plan and/or Nutrition reset program to potential client and what it all entails

Austen Program 1.png

4-Week Nutrition Reset Program- $350


  • Includes one 50-minute session per week

  • Do you experience low energy, digestive troubles, or just feel like your body isn’t working at its prime?

  • This program will teach you how to optimally fuel your body for better energy, digestion, and immune function!

  • Challenge yourself to shift your diet from processed and packaged foods to real, WHOLE foods with as few labels as possible

  • Discover how building complex and balanced meals and snacks can stabilize your blood sugar and keep you full and energized throughout the day

  • Eliminate gut irritants and kickstart your digestive wellness

  • Reach a healthy weight through holistic lifestyle changes

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3 Month Intuition Program - $200/month
Total price: $600
If paid in full, 10% discount: $540


  • Includes two 50-minute sessions per month (6 total sessions)

  • Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting and maintaining your natural body weight?

  • Do you have constant anxiety about what to eat and when to eat it?

  • Break the cycle of dieting and embrace intuitive eating principles that will allow you to eat without guilt, shame, or stress

  • Build back up your body confidence, feel comfortable in your own skin, and learn how to trust your body’s biological signals again

  • Reveal emotional eating triggers and heal your relationship with food once and for all

  • Together we’ll create real, long-lasting health changes that will set you up for success in your wellness journey

Austen Gross Program 3.png

3 Months and Beyond -


  • Continue on a month to month basis with bi-weekly meetings, 50-minutes each

  • Discounted price accessible for clients who have completed the Nutrition Reset Program or 3-Month Intuition Program and would like to continue month by month

  • Perfect for those who are seeking more long-term health changes, need extra accountability, or desire to create new goals