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Feed Your Intuition Series Continues September 11th

Feed Your Intuition Workshops are back
and available ONLINE this year!

This year you can listen from the comfort of your
own computer, on your own time!

 Registration is FREE in the month of September!


To register for the workshop send us a message below or call 614.760.5555

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Step 2: LOGIN

Click on the navigation bar on the right-hand side of the page.
Scroll down to Holistic Health Coaching and click.
A list will expand, you will see September Webinar Workshop, click.
A new page will load.
You will be taken to the September Webinar Workshop page.

Step 3: LISTEN

Click the play button to start Austen's Workshop.
Some workshops will be split into sections.
Play from top of the page to bottom and follow along with her presentation slides.