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Golf Stretching Package Sale!

  • 6425 Post Rd Dublin, OH, 43016 United States (map)

Take 20% off Our Bundle of
Three Stretch Sessions


It’s the perfect time to treat Dad with our 30 or 60 minute sessions designed to relax, reduce stress, increase mobility, and restore normal muscle tone.

Our assisted stretching reduces the risk of injury by correcting poor muscle behaviors and imbalances. Each private session is customized to your specific stretching needs. Help Dad improve his golf game and give him the gift of HEALTH! 

Add a Myofascial Ball or Foam Roller at 20% off to complete the perfect Father's Day present! Stop in today or call 614.760.555 to purchase. 

Just relax and let our Rehabilitation Specialists work to restore your mobility and flexibility using a combination of the stretching techniques below. 

Static, passive stretching, is a simple type of stretching that involves the passive lengthening of muscle fibers, then statically holding the muscles in that lengthened position. The patient does not need to be actively involved with this type of stretch - they can just relax and let the Rehab Specialists do the work.

Active, PNF stretching, is a more advanced, dynamic type of stretching that involves actively contracting muscles groups in order to further increase one's range of motion. The patient will be asked to provide some assistance during this type of stretching.

Myofascial release is a soft tissue release technique that involves gentle manipulation of the tissue in order to release and liquefy the fascia, which is the thin layer of connective tissue that encases and supports the muscle fibers. This fascia can become tight and can lead to a decreased range of motion. Releasing it we are allowing the muscles to function with more range of motion. This technique can be performed manually, or it can be performed with the assistance of a number of different tools.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a modernized form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our Team will use different types of hand held tools to help you feel your best and decrease pain. 

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