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Dr. Greg Mastronarde, DC

Dr. Greg Mastronarde began his studies at Auburn University in Alabama where he focused on Pre-Med and Chemistry. Dr. Mastronarde obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2011 from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. During his education, he worked with athletes from Auburn University’s Football Team, Life University’s Rugby Team, Major League Baseball players and those on the PGA Tour. Dr. Mastronarde was able to observe and obtain hands-on experience in the training and healthcare of these athletes.

Dr. Mastronarde has treated a wide variety of patients, ranging from work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sports related injuries to common everyday ailments. Dr. Mastronarde is licensed in treating workers compensation and motor vehicle injuries. He believes in the importance of continuing education. Dr. Mastronarde knows the Chiropractic adjustment is not just about pain relief; it's about health and wellness for the entire family.

Dr. Mastronarde is an avid sports fan. He enjoys watching and playing sports in his spare time.