Our Products and Why?

Our Doctors and staff at The Winchester Institute research our assortment of products by answering several important questions:

  • Does the product cater to our patient’s musculoskeletal problems?
  • Is the product durable and reliable? 
  • Is there research to support the product?
  • Is the quality the highest on the market?

We strive to give our patients the best care possible; not only through Chiropractic care, manual therapies, and rehabilitative exercise, but also by providing the best products possible to produce the best results at home.

After thoroughly reviewing our patient’s complaints, each at home exercise routine or product recommendation is to enhance our patient’s healing and well-being. At our clinic, it is very common for our patients to have some form of straightening or reversing of their cervical curve.  To put this into perspective, we would like to see the shape of a backward “C” in the cervical spine. Common physical presentations are a forward head carriage, high-rounded shoulders, headaches, migraines, numbness or tingling in the upper extremities, and difficulty breathing. With an alteration of the cervical curve, many things happen: degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, decreased lymphatic flow, decreased blood circulation to the brain, increased muscle tension, and decreased range of motion. A recent study published in The Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine in 2013 found active movement range of straightened cervical spine decreased by 24-33 %, but the stress increased by 5-95 %.  Our Doctors recommend the Cervical Traction unit to help aid the adjustment in reeducating the musculature and soft tissue surrounding the cervical spine.  The unit helps place the cervical spine in the proper curvature while also distracting the spine and placing muscles where they are ideally meant to be.  Throughout the course of treatment, cervical traction can help reduce the overall pressure on the cervical spine’s discs and joints; in the end, this decreases degenerative disc disease and improves active range of motion.

The second most recommended product we review with our patients is a Myofascial Ball or Foam Roller.  It is very common for our patients to have what is referred to as “knots” in muscles.  The nodular presentations are a result of muscle fatigue or beginning stages of muscle damage.  Over time when a muscle is used, the fiber orientation and chemical composition become disrupted due to long-standing use.  Lactic acid and other inflammatory compounds build up in the tissue, which can contribute to symptoms such as pain or tightness.  The Myofascial Ball or Foam Roller is a great tool that places pinpoint pressure on those muscle nodules, which create controlled micro-trauma of the soft tissue adhesion.  It improves muscle fiber orientation, forces out lactic acid, and inflammatory compounds into the surrounding lymphatic tissue.  The firmness and micro-beaded design of our Myofascial Ball and Foam Roller allow our patients to get necessary deep-tissue changes.

One of the most vital activities needed for long-standing health and wellness is, of course, sleep.  Sleep allows our rest, restore, and repair system (the parasympathetic system) to operate on full cylinders.   One way to improve our sleep and aid in our patient’s recovery is by implementing our Cervical Pillows in their nightly routine.  Each one of our pillows is designed for cervical spine support as we sleep.  When we add more support into the cervical spine, we increase blood flow to the brain, improve airway mechanics, increase lymphatic flow, instill muscle relaxation, and in some instances decrease snoring!  Due to the ever-growing number of upper back and neck complaints we see in our clinic, we find our patients have positive responses with our Cervical Pillows.

Our supplements are of the highest quality and contain no harmful ingredients or undisclosed chemicals.  Our Doctors research the best in pharmaceutical grade supplementation and confidently offer patients the best products available.  Our chosen vendors, Standard Process, Anabolic Labs, and Pure Encapsulations, go above and beyond. They have stringent quality-control standards and spend over $3M annually on quality control to confirm the efficacy and purity of all their products.  Over-the-counter supplements are minimally regulated and cannot be trusted.  Did you know supplements are barely regulated in the U.S.  Under current law, supplement manufacturers can make basically any vague health claim about their wares, without needing evidence to back it up. An estimated 70 percent of supplement manufacturers do not follow the most basic labeling requirements.

  Pieter Cohen, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and author stated, “What is astounding is that manufacturers have not honored the law, nor has the FDA enforced it.”

Each recommended supplement is specific to the patient’s complaints and symptoms to address and promote tissue healing. The most common supplements recommended by Our Doctors are:

  • Multi-vitamin: helps bridge nutritional gaps, reduces blood sugar irregularities, promotes general health and vitality.
  • Magnesium: helps regulate blood sugar levels, keeps bones strong, and controls muscle contractions.
  • Vitamin D3: supports immune health, metabolism, and bone health.

No matter what, the Chiropractic adjustment is vital to the improvement of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.  In any obstacle we face, different tools are needed to reach our true goal, our most optimal health potential! All products are available in our office, so stop in anytime to pick them up. Don’t forget to ask your Doctor what they specifically recommend for you!