Step Up Your Tennis Game with Chiropractic Care

Common injuries tennis players suffer are in the lower extremities, especially the knees and calf muscles. Tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, rolled/twisted ankles and lower back pain can also be problematic areas for both competitive and social players. Timely Chiropractic treatments for players can help avoid time off the court, expensive surgery, and consequently months of rehabilitation. Three of the fundamental causes of tennis injuries I see are: poor posture and balance, lack of flexibility, and improperly functioning muscles.

The Doctors at The Winchester Institute are trained to identify stiff or improperly functioning joints that may be restricting access to power and movement. Regular Chiropractic treatment to both spinal and extremity joints can often result in noticeable and immediate improvements to a patient’s game. For example, a stiff thoracic spine, once adjusted, will allow serve speed to increase. Restoring full range of motion to the thoracic spine can maximize thoracic rotation and extension as well as increase general shoulder range of motion. Essentially, the increased motion in these degrees of freedom will grant the server more access to power and spin.

Simple tips I give to my patients:

  • Ensure you are playing with the correct racquet size and grip.
  • Wear orthotics. Custom made orthotic inserts support your arch, absorb shock and increase coordination.
  • Strength training, especially in the shoulder, can help prevent injuries.
  • Get adjusted regularly, leading up to and during tennis season, to increase motion and reduce risk of injury.

I find that recreational tennis players often do not consider the stress put on the joints and muscles from playing. Many players seek out Chiropractic Care only after an injury. We want patients to consider seeing a Chiropractor before an injury occurs. Not only will this help patients avoid painful injuries, Chiropractic Care will also allow your body to play at 100%.

 “Chiropractic Care gives me the flexibility I need to keep in the game.”  - Venus Williams