Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Golf Game

As the weather gets warmer, many people are spending more time on the golf course. Golf and Chiropractic are a perfect combination. Regular Chiropractic adjustments, in conjunction with a good golf instructor, can help patients correct and treat problems and ultimately elevate their golf game. When treating patients who golf, I evaluate the body in balance from head to toe; the essence of the golf swing. Three of the fundamental causes of golf injuries and related aches and pains I see when treating patients are: poor posture, lack of flexibility, and improperly functioning muscles.

By working with a patient’s spinal range of motion, I can help correct golf injuries, maintain performance, and improve the posture needed to perform a good golf swing. With Chiropractic Care, the spine can move better, meaning your body is able communicate with itself without interference. An individualized treatment plan including Chiropractic adjustments, specific rehabilitative exercises and soft tissue techniques may make a significant difference in a golfer’s overall performance and enjoyment of the sport. A few simple tips that I give to patients:

  • Purchase equipment that fits. Don’t try to adjust to the height of your golf clubs. Make sure you purchase the correct clubs for your height.
  • Wear orthotics. Custom orthotic inserts support your arch, absorb shock and increase coordination.
  • Get adjusted regularly, leading up to and during your golf season, to allow for an unrestricted swing and a reduced risk of injury.

Often golfers do not consider the damage the sport’s repetitive, torquing movements inflict on their hips, backs, necks and shoulders. Many recreational golfers are not proactive about preventing injuries to these areas. The Doctors at The Winchester Institute have been helping area golfers realize the full potential of their game. While many golfers see a Chiropractor after an injury, we want patients to discover that seeing a Chiropractor before an injury is the key to improving one’s game and avoiding injury.