At The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness, located in Dublin, Ohio, we combine state-of-the-art technology with the timeless principles and proven results of Gonstead Chiropractic. Specializing in the Gonstead Technique, we offer our patients the foremost standard in “hands on" spinal adjusting. Gonstead Chiropractic has researchers conducting ongoing studies to ensure that it is the most cutting-edge and specific Chiropractic technique available.

Our Doctors take pride in educating each of our patients on the wellness model of healthcare and emphasize nutrition-based disease prevention.

Come see the difference. We are gentle and specific. We care about YOU. You do NOT have to live with pain...

...we can rebuild you.


Increasing core strength to improve on one's foundation is the backbone of The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness' Rehabilitation program.

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The Spa

The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness stands out due to its unique atmosphere, friendly staff, and warm environment. Offering both therapeutic (clinical) and relaxation (non-clinical) manual and massage therapy.

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The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness' Nutritional program is based on eating well for optimum health by adding colorful, whole foods to your diet and reducing the amount of processed foods you eat.

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The Gonstead Difference.

Our Chiropractic Technique and Philosophy is DIFFERENT.

The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness is a Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic and that means: You are treated as an individual. Our Doctors only adjust the specific vertebrae in question, not ALL of them. There is a scientific method to determine exactly how we treat your spine. With the Gonstead Technique, there is never over-rotation of your neck or back. Our Doctors have had extensive training and education to specialize as Gonstead Chiropractors that goes above-and-beyond the standard Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Operating a Gonstead practice requires Chiropractic continuing education, meaning Doctors with more education hours, more seminar hours, and more practice hours. At a Gonstead Chiropractic practice you need advanced radiology equipment, like our digital x ray machine, and advanced diagnostic equipment, such as our nervoscope - so, why do we do it? - Because you don’t argue with results.

Want to start improving your lifestyle with Gonstead Chiropractic?

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