The Gonstead Difference.

Our Chiropractic Technique and Philosophy is DIFFERENT.

The Winchester Institute of Chiropractic Health and Wellness is a Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic and that means: You are treated as an individual. Our Doctors only adjust the specific vertebrae in question, not ALL of them. There is a scientific method to determine exactly how we treat your spine. With the Gonstead Technique, there is never over-rotation of your neck or back. Our Doctors have had extensive training and education to specialize as Gonstead Chiropractors that goes above-and-beyond the standard Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Operating a Gonstead practice requires Chiropractic continuing education, meaning Doctors with more education hours, more seminar hours, and more practice hours. At a Gonstead Chiropractic practice you need advanced radiology equipment, like our digital x ray machine, and advanced diagnostic equipment, such as our nervoscope - so, why do we do it? - Because you don’t argue with results.

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Here’s What Our Patients Have to Say: 

“I love this place. The people that work here are great.”

“Very friendly staff, a modern facility and flexible scheduling combine to make this a must try if you need chiropractic treatment. Once you meet the people in the office you'll realize that they are not only nice, they actually care about their clients.”

“Great practice. I try to send everyone I know here. “

“My experience at The Winchester Institute was nothing less than exceptional. My new-patient exam included X-Rays, which helped me understand the issues that I've been having with my neck and back. After talking with the Dr., I was adjusted according to my specific needs. I was a little nervous at first, but the process was quick and painless, leaving me feeling so much better afterward. With the help of TWI, I look forward to continuing my treatment and correcting the strength imbalances and behaviors that led me to this point. I would highly recommend The Winchester Institute to anyone looking for chiropractic care. “

“The Winchester Institute is an incredible holistic healing practice that incorporates a mind, body spirit approach to excellent chiropractic care. The practice consists of seven highly skilled medical massage therapist, rehabilitation specialist as well as a wellness consultant, and four excellent chiropractors. The entire staff are friendly and helpful making your healing experience the best anyone could ask for. “

“Very nice facility. Clean, friendly staff and reasonably priced. An all-in-one place for health. Chiropractor, massage, physical therapy, natural herbs and vitamins and more! “