Holistic Health Coach Programs & Pricing


Initial Consultation - Free


  • Go over completed health history form and current diet patterns
  • Discuss client’s fears or concerns, current health/emotional problems, and future goals
  • Layout the 3-month plan and/or Nutrition kick-start program to potential client and what it all entails
Austen Program 1.png

4-Week Nutrition Kick-Start Program- $350


  • One 45-minute session each week
  • Educational handouts provided
  • Set up simple yet specific nutritional/food goals each week – if wanting to continue, can discuss entering a 3-month program
  • Topics can include but not limited to macro- & micronutrients, inflammation, gut health, cravings, eating healthy on a budget, etc.
  • Together we’ll come up with meal ideas and recipes that fit the client’s lifestyle and budget
  • Educate client on how to decipher ingredient lists and which ingredients can be secretly disruptive to health (whether related to gut health, insulin, etc.)
  • Program is tailored to client’s specific needs, knowledge base, and background
Austen Program 2-1.png

3 Month Intuition Program - $200/month
Total price: $600
If paid in full, 10% discount: $540


  • Two 50-minute sessions per month (6 total sessions)
  • For clients who want to create real, long-lasting life and health changes but are struggling meeting their goals on their own and are in need of accountability
  • Directed towards people who want to break their emotional/disordered eating and diet patterns and heal their relationship with food
  • Main focus is to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, create a healthy mindset when it comes to food, and building back up confidence in making the right food choices
  • Can include similar nutrition education provided in the 4-week nutrition kick-start program if needed, but goals are more long-term and include looking at other aspects of health such as stress with work, relationships, sleep, environment, etc.
  • Ultimately, we dive deep into emotional eating triggers to discover where emotions may be stemming from
Austen Gross Program 3.png

3 Months and Beyond -


  • Continue on a month to month basis with bi-weekly meetings, 50-minutes each
  • Discounted price accessible for clients who have completed the 3-month program and want to continue month by month
  • Clients who are seeking more long-term changes, need more accountability, or feel that they haven’t quite reached their goals within the 3-month period/want to create new goals